Issue 08

“This issue’s main component is the outer section of the metal frame that braces the wing you started assembling in [Issue 07]. You have also received the screws which hold the frame in place, and some more internal details to add to the underside of the top skin.”

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Issue 07

“This issue’s main component is the panel that forms the top side of the upper wing on the starboard (right) side of the X-wing. It is prefinished with markings that include the five stripes denoting this starfighter as Red Five, and comes with some internal and external details to add.”

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Issue 05

“This issue includes first sections of the instrument panels that surround the pilot, together with the transparent lenses that provide their illumination. You also have the parts to make R2-D2’s third (centre) leg, which can be fitted when he is removed from the droid socket, covering the spindle that makes his head turn.”

Let’s get started on Issue 05!