Issue 20

“This issue’s components complete the laser cannon that you began in [Issue 19]. You have two sub-assemblies – the laser generator with its internal LED lighting effect, and the parts to complete the wingtip housing and the barrel of the weapon.”

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Issue 19

“This issue’s components enable you to assemble the barrel for your second laser cannon. You also have the first parts to begin putting together the housing that attaches it to the lower port wing and contains the laser generator.”

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Issue 17

“This issue’s main component is the panel that forms the underside of the upper wing on the starboard (right) side of the X-wing. You also have the engine cover and two edging strips that fit into the recesses underneath the mounting for the sublight engine.”

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Issue 16

“This issue’s components allow you to add details to the parts from earlier stages and assemble the power converter. Then you can fit the engine’s sub-assemblies together and install the whole sublight engine on top of the upper starboard S-foil.”

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Issue 14

“This issue’s components include two additional frames for the upper starboard wing, plus a cover for the underside of the wing root. You also have a cable that will be used to power the laser cannon, plus four sorts of screws and three plugs to conceal the external holes in the panelling.”

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Issue 13

“This issue’s components provide all you need to complete the rear section of the first of the X-wing’s four sublight engines. As well as the external casing and rear thrust nozzle, you have an LED and optical parts to make the engine’s internal lighting effect.”

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