Back Story

Star Wars – The epitome of the ‘space opera’. Starting back in 1971, a young George Lucas created what would become one the largest film franchises in film history. I was too young to have seen the first movie in the theaters, but have since seen all of them numerous times. The world he created has become dear to me. While the characters played a pivotal role in the movies, the spaceships had a personality all their own. This site is about one of my favorites: Luke Skywalker’s T-65B X-Wing starfighter.

At the start of 2019, I had been building a few different partworks and decided I would try my first DeAgostini/Model Space partwork build-up: this 1:18 scale Star Wars X-Wing. It was large, detailed, and I thought my girlfriend’s teenage son (WildFrost86) would enjoy assembling it and creating the content for this site from his own point of view. While he and I did build it together through Issue 68, I would end up finishing the rest of the model on my own.

– MarvelPhx

The Model

The 1:2 scale Star Wars X-Wing by DeAgostini partwork model has the following features:

  • 25.6″ Wingspan
  • 20″ Length
  • 7.3″ Tall
  • 8.8 LBs Weight
  • Motorized S-Foils
  • Authentic Finish & Markings
  • Removable Hyperdrive Section
  • Proton Torpedo Bay
  • Lighted Detailed Cockpit
  • Lighted R2-D2 Astromech
  • Lighted Laser Cannons
  • Lighted Fusial Thrust Engines with interior detailing
  • Landing Gear & Mounting Bracket
  • Remote Control Activation (Wing Movement, Lighting, R2-D2 Movement)

If you sign up for the premium subscription, you will also receive a landing pad diorama containing:

  • PERSONNEL TRANSPORTER complete with driver figure and pilot passenger figures
  • FUEL PUMP with hose and X-wing ground crewman
  • CREW LADDER allowing access to X-wing droid socket, complete with technician figure
  • LANDING LIGHTS that light up
  • STORAGE CONTAINERS for equipment and cargo
  • SPECIAL LUKE SKYWALKER pilot figure that slots into the X-wing’s cockpit

Building the 1:18 scale Star Wars X-Wing from DeAgostini