So to start the things that are inside is the cockpit, the laser tube, jacket, and shoulder with the housing (outer half), and the R2-D2 dome, hologram projector, LED mount, internal LED, front panel, and the right outer leg.

  • Assembling The Cockpit Canopy

So this step you put the cockpit together. It is quite difficult to put the pieces of the cockpit together, but once it is on, there isn’t any other things that you need to do with the cockpit in the issue.

  • Assembling The First Laser Cannon

In this step you are putting the laser cannon together, and once you finish it it is kinda wobbly but don’t super glue it because you are gonna need to take it apart later. If you want it to look good I recommend to put the weathering marks very close to be parallel to each other.

  • Assembling R2-D2’s Dome

With this step comes some tiny pieces building R2-D2’s Dome, and sometimes the pieces fall out but don’t worry it is easy to put back in. The paint on it looks well but it can have a little work, and use microscopic tweezers (not included) because the pieces are very tiny. This is the end of issue one and you are going to need all of these pieces later in the next 3 issues. Good Luck!

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