In this issue you will be getting a forward laser generator end cap, generator outer half, generator inner half, union, rear laser generator cap, outer half, inner half, and last but not least part of the cockpit, the cockpit base, and the R2-D2 left leg inner side, and outer side, with the shoulder joint, power pack and pack front.

  • Assembling R2-D2’s Left Leg

So in this step you are putting the entire R2-D2 left leg, and the leg is very close to looking like the real R2 leg but it is missing the thrusters. But overall this leg was a lot of fun to build, and the battery pack front is kind of a struggle to put onto the battery pack but after a few tries it was on.

  • Assembling The Laser Generator

So in this step you will be building the generator to the laser, and as I said earlier DO NOT GLUE IT TOGETHER because you will need to disassemble it later. And the generator the wire is a little bit of a struggle to take out of the housing because it needs to stick out to connect to a battery pack later in the issues. So I was surprised that there were only 2 steps in this and that we didn’t use the cockpit base but we are for sure going to use it later.

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