In this issue you are about to do, you will be getting a fiber optic, battery box (batteries not included), laser cannon emitter, tip, flashback suppressor, suppressor mount halves, cockpit left and right side frame, 3 XW01 screws, R2-D2 lenses, base contact, head spindle, and the back panel.

  • Completing The Cockpit Base

Now in this section we are going to finish the cockpit base and when I said to keep the screws loose this is why. It is a little difficult to screw them in, and it will get a little heavy. Now I had a little struggle trying to get the side frames onto the base but it looks much better when you are done.

  • Completing R2-D2

Now as it says in the title you are going to be finishing R2, and he actually lights up which made me smile. Now he is a little loose and I am going to be super gluing it soon but he still lights up and that it the best part of him. You are gonna need two people to build this piece or have a little helper that can hold it.

  • Completing The First Laser Cannon

Now as I said earlier you are going to be disassembling the cannon because the Fiber Optic is going to placed inside to make it light up. If you turn off the lights with it on it will almost be like a red flashlight. And most of the pieces are actually loose so still don’t super glue it. One of the Expert Tips says to paint the inside black so that you don’t see the inside light up.

These are all a lot of fun to build. My favorite part was R2 and him lighting up. In the end everything was amazing and I hope you have a lot of fun when you are done building these 4 issues.

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