In this issue you will be getting a Cockpit front console base, Cockpit panel right, Cockpit instrument lights right, Cockpit panel left, Cockpit instrument lights left, R2-D2 center foot (left), R2-D2 center leg, R2-D2 center foot (right), R2-D2’s lubricators (x 2).

  • R2-D2’s Center Leg

In this section you will need to get all of R2-D2’s pieces to put him together, you will be finishing him this issue. When R2 is finished he looks amazing, better than he does in the pictures, of the book.

  • Fitting The instrument Panels

In this section of issue 5 you will need the instrument pieces including the front cockpit base. You will most likely want to use tweezers instead of your hands, because it will take a long time if you only use your hands.

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