In this issue you will be receiving the Trailing edge support, Plant on details (x 3), Power converter (upper and lower halves), Internal bulkhead, Left and right plant on details, Plant on details (x 2) XW01 screws (x 2), XW02 screws (x 6), Dark grey pipes (x 2), and Silver pipework details (x 8).

  • Assembling The Engine

On steps 1 through 6 the pictures they have on the page are not the best at explaining but still shows where everything goes. In steps 7 through 12 I shall say once again that you should not use super glue although it might be tempting. On step 13 or  picture 13 it is not correct, A and B are ok but C and D are supposed to be swapped with E and F. The pictures were not  the best at explaining either so, they easily could have done a better job. But it will not be showing anyways. Steps 18 through 29 don’t need any explaining because it is not very hard and it is simple. When we put the engine on the wing it hung off at a weird angle and we were a bit confused in the design choice, but then in the next step it covered up the end of the engine. Overall the wing took 16 issues and now we have to make 3 more after this, but still looked amazing.

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Building the 1:18 scale Star Wars X-Wing from DeAgostini