In this issue you will be getting the Lower skin, Engine cover, XW02 (x 4), Inner edging strip, and the Outer edging strip.

  • Assembling The Wing

In steps 1 through 6 you are putting in the Inner and Outer edging strips, It may seem like it only looks like you set it in the slot, but you actually slide a little slit to get it to fit. In steps 7 through 11 you are putting the Engine cover over the engine as it says in the name, this step was pretty easy compared to the actual engine itself. In the rest of the steps you put the cover over the wing so that the wires are covered up, when the wing is finished I would say its about 1 to 2 pounds (0.45 to 0.9 kg). The wing looks amazing when you are finished with this issue and the laser also looks amazing.

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Building the 1:18 scale Star Wars X-Wing from DeAgostini