In this issue you will be getting the Lower skin, Trailing-edge detail, Surface details (x 4), Laser cannon support, and the Power couplings (x 2)

In steps 1-4 you are going to be putting the Trailing-edge detail onto the side of the wing. If you still have the screwdriver they gave you then you should use that in order to put it in. The reason why is because it makes it much easier then with your hands.

In steps 5-6 you are putting in the biggest piece with a hole in it from the Surface Details and put it on the tip of the wing. The little bump is facing into the wing. And the other pieces you need to find where they match and then use the screwdriver to get a more flush look. They will still pop up though so don’t worry.

In step 13 you are going to be putting in the Laser cannon support and then make sure that you put it in so that it sits flush. For me it didn’t sit flush at first so once again I used the screwdriver to make sure that it sits flush.

In steps 14-16 you are going to be putting on the Power couplings. You need to make sure that you are putting them in the right spot. The one with two small holes in it goes on the line in the center and the other one goes onto the other one.

And after all of that it should look something similar to this image.

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