In this issue you will be getting the Fission chamber upper half, Alluvial damper, Turbo generator body, Fission chamber mounting, Turbo generator rear cone, Hydraulic adjusters (x2), Turbo impeller blades (x2), and the Turbo impeller.

In step 1 – 2 you are going to take the piece from the last issue and the Alluvial damper. Put the damper into the rear end of the damper so that it sits flush. Make sure that the peg and the hole are lining up so that it is easier to put into the piece.

In steps 3 – 6 you will need the pieces you put together and you will need the Hydraulic adjusters (x2). So when putting them together make sure that the bigger side of it is pointing away from the big piece. I recommend that you use the end of a screwdriver so that it will sit flush.

In steps 8 – 9 you need the Rear cone, and the Turbo generator body. You need to make sure that the peg and the space are lined up and that the pieces are flush.

In steps 10 – 14 you will need the Turbo impeller, and the piece you made. When you put them together for me it was a little tough but still you need to make sure that it sits flush. Also if needed I would use barely any super glue but only if needed.

In steps 15 and 16 you are going to need the piece you just made, and the Fission chamber upper half. There is also a keyhole that you need to put together correctly otherwise it won’t fit. For me the blades didn’t fit entirely into the Upper half.

In step 17 you are going to be putting the Fission chamber mount onto the piece you just made. When you are putting them together make sure that the pins are lined up.  Once again make sure that it sits flush so that the pins don’t snap.


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