In this issue you will be getting the Lower engine casing, Thrust nozzle, Locking collar, Engine LED, Reflector, Lens, Thrust diffuser, and the Plant-on details (x7)

In section Finishing the Casing, you will need the Lower engine casing, and the Plant-on details (x7). Make sure that the details pins line up correctly. One of the details is a tad bit hard to put down through the hole. And you should probably use the back end of a screwdriver to make sure that it sits flush

In steps 2 and 3 you are going to need the lens and Thrust diffuser. So this step is very simple, all you need to do is make sure that the pegs are line up and that the pieces sit flush.

In steps 4 – 6 you are going to need the piece just made, and the Thrust nozzle. So when putting them together there is a notch that lines it up. Once again make sure that the pieces are flush.

In steps 7 – 10 you need the LED, and the reflector.So with this part you need to be careful with bending the wire because you can actually rip out the electronics. And also when it feels like it is all the way through push a little more to check. You can also check it with the battery pack.

In steps 11 – 14 you will need the piece form Issue 26, and the Led piece. So when putting it through that piece it actually is a tad bit difficult because you need to have enough slack for the LED to fit.

In steps 15 – 16 you will need the piece just made, and the Lower engine casing piece. So when putting them together you will need to put the wire through the hole in the casing.

In steps 17 – 18 You will be putting the pieces together. So when putting them together make sure they are flush because the LED needs to fit in the casing.

In step 20 you are going to put the piece just made and the other side of it together. So when you first put them together it will be loose but in the next few steps that gets rid of the looseness.

In the last steps you will need the Lens piece, Engine casing, and the Locking collar. Ok so when doing this you might want an extra pair of hands. But when it is done it looks good especially when it is lit up which you can test with the battery pack.

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