In this issue you will be getting the Internal bulkhead, Dark grey pipe, Silver pipework details (x8), XW02 screws (x14), XW03 screws (x5), XW04 screws (x6), XW05 screws (x5), Laser cannon cable, Engine mount brace, Engine mount brace, Inner wing frame.

In steps 1 – 4 you will need the Wing, and the Engine mount. When they are lined up you need to use 5 XW02 screws. A little tip I have is to unscrew about 1/2 way.

In steps 5 – 20 you will need the Inner wing frame, Engine mount brace, and the Second engine mount brace.

This is where all of the pieces.

Then you are going to use XW02 screws in the Second engine mount (bottom of picture), XW02 screws in the Engine mount (top of picture), XW04 for the Inner wing frame, and XW03 screws the middle area of the second engine mount.

In steps 21 – 27 you are going to use a screwdriver to put the wire into the grooving of the wing so that it is flat on the bottom of the wing.

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Building the 1:18 scale Star Wars X-Wing from DeAgostini