In this issue you will be getting Power input unit (upper half), Power input unit (lower half), XW01 screws (x2), and the Pipework details (x16).

In steps 1 – 3 you will need both halves of the Power input unit. Ok this piece is a very simple step because all it is doing is lining up the pins with the holes.


In steps 4 – 26 you will need the Pipework details. Okay this I am gonna keep short and sweet. Just make sure that you are looking at the instructions very closely. The reason why is because steps 11 – 16 the plates are different because it has letters on the bottom and a peg on one of them.

In steps 27 – 32 you will need pieces from another issue, and the piece just made. All you are doing is putting the pieces together, but you need to make sure they are in the correct spots.


In steps 34 – 37 you will need the pieces just made and pipes from another issue. When putting them together the directions are incorrect because C and D switch with E and F.

In steps 38 – 39 you will need the thin piece of pipework and the piece just made. When doing this there is no specific direction. And also don’t snap it in half, because then it won’t fit (obviously).

In steps 1 – 4 you will need the fusial thrust engine, and the wing. So when doing this make sure to line up the pegs, and to fit the wire through.

In steps 6 – 9 you will need an XW02 screw. So this is just continuing from the last step,  except for the wire running through the pegs on the bottom of the wing.

In steps 10 – 12 you will need the Power input unit, and the wing. Ok so you are going to be screwing the power unit into the wing, when doing this make sure that the pieces are lined up correctly.

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