In this issue you will be getting the Engine cover, Upper skin, XW02 screws (x4), Plant-on details (x3), Cover plugs (on sprue), and the Trailing-edge support.

In steps 1 – 4 you will need 2 of the Plant-on details. So when putting them together all you will need to do is line up the peg with the hole on the two separate pieces. Also make sure that the pieces are together, to the point where they won’t fall off.

In steps 5 – 8 you will need the piece you just made, and the Trailing-edge support. Ok when putting them together the piece just made has a little slot on the edge support. Once again make sure that it is flush on the edge support.

In steps 9 – 10 you will need the Wing, and the Engine cover. So with this part just make sure that the pins line up, because that are very annoying since you can’t see below and see the pins. Also make sure you don’t knock off any pipes.

In steps 11 -12 you will need the Wing, and the Upper skin. This step isn’t that hard because all you need to do is line up the pegs and the shape of the Upper skin with the Wing. As usual make sure that the pieces are flush.

In steps 13 – 15 you will need the Wing, and the Cover up plugs. When doing this make sure that the screws are all the way down, but don’t strip them. With the cover plugs you need to have a little bit of strength, and also when taking them off the sprue make sure that it is circular, so that it will fit in the hole.

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