In this issue you will be getting the Lower skin, Inner edging strip, Outer edging strip, and XW02 screws (x4)

In steps 1 – 3 you will need the Wing, and the Outer edging strip. When you are doing this make sure that the notch and the piece bulging out are lined up. Make sure that you have the piece with the pegs poking upwards as well.

In steps 4 – 6 you will need the Wing, and the Inner edging strip. It is basically like steps 1 – 3 but instead with the Inner. Also this one doesn’t have a notch so you need to make sure you look closely at the image.

In steps 7 – 14 you will need the Laser cannon, and the Wing. So when doing this make sure that you put the pins into the holes at the end of the wing. Also make sure that you don’t bend the wire because the pins that send electricity can actually snap off the chord. When doing the screws you should make sure that it lined up and that you don’t strip the screw. Also you need to test the LED to make sure that it is working and not a broken one.

In steps 15 – 16 you will need the Lower skin, and the Wing. When doing this make sure that the pins on the Lower skin lines up with the hole. Also it takes a little bit of strength to get it to stay together.

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