In this issue you will be getting the  Side detail, Targeting computer Hydraulic piston rods (x 2), Hydraulic strut mounts (x 2), Hydraulic strut bodies (x 2), Pivot pins (x 4), XW01 screws (x 9),  and the Fuselage frame struts (x 4).

In steps 1 – 6 you will need the cockpit canopy, hydraulic piston rods, and pivot pins. So when getting the piston rods off the thing or whatever it is I would recommend using wire cutters. When putting them in the canopy the pins may not go in as smoothly because there might be flashing on the inside of the rods. Make sure to use the smaller pins cause the bigger pins are used next.

In steps 7 – 10 you will need the Hydraulic strut mounts, Hydraulic strut bodies, and pins. So when putting these together I would recommend using pliers to put the pin in the hole.

In steps 11 and 12 you will need the last 2 things you made to put them together. When putting them together there are slits popping out that go on the inside facing each other.


You will need the cross-members from last issue, and the frame struts.  So this is fairly easy because there are slots for the cross members, and the first 2 near the front are facing forwards and the last three near the cockpit are facing towards the cockpit.


You will need the side detail, and the Targeting computer. So this is easy because you just need to line it up the correct way then push it in.


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