In this issue you will be getting the Life support console, Forward console support, targeting computer display, life support details (x 3), Cockpit frames, XW01 screws (x 11), XW02 screws (x 3), XW07 screws (x 13).

In steps 1 – 6 you will need the life support console, and the details. So when putting these on it is fairly easy except for the wire thing which will move so I used superglue on it to make sure it doesn’t move.

In steps 7 – 11 you will need the targeting computer display and the piece you just made, and the targeting computer. So when you put the display on it might not fit so if it is loose use superglue but if it won’t fit then use an exacto knife till it does. When putting the computer on it has 2 holes that could line up with 2 other and then you put a screw in them.


So when doing this you need to make sure that the holes on the frame are lining up with the holes on the other piece, then repeat for the other side and then put the back end of it on.

Next you are putting it onto the other piece from last issue. When doing this it is weird because half goes up the other half stays down.

Then you will screw it on.

Next you are using the piece just made and the forward console support on the piece. Then you just screw it into the cockpit frame.

Then you are gonna be putting the frame on the cockpit piece so that it finishes the cone frame. Then screw it all together.

Then this is what you have done.

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