In this issue you will be getting the Fuselage lower half, Switch and wiring, Antenna and wiring, Nose rear section, Nose front section, Antenna retaining plate, XW02 screws (x 11), and the Switch retaining plate.

In steps 1 – 4 you will need the Nose rear section, and the Fuselage lower front panel. When putting these together at first they don’t stay together well, so you need to screw them together with the XW02 screws provided.

In steps 6 and 7 you will need the piece just made, and the Nose front section. When putting the pieces together they might make a snap noise like they snapped together but they don’t. When screwing them together with the XW02 screws it could be hard with a shorter screwdriver so I would recommend that you use a skinnier tip so that you can reach into the back of the holes.

That is it for that section………

In the next section you will need the other pieces in the issue.

In steps 1 – 7 you will need the Antenna and wiring, Antenna retaining plate, and some XW02 screws. When putting the Antenna and wiring together, on one side of the metal piece there is a dome like thing that goes on the bottom through the hole. The retaining plat goes over it onto the two pegs either side of the Antenna.

In steps 8 – 13 you will need the Switch with wiring, Switch retaining plate, and some XW02 screws. When putting these pieces together there is a white button on the top of the Switch with wiring, and the retaining plate is just like the one in last issue but it is in an hourglass shape.

Wham Bam this is what you made.

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