In this issue you will be getting the Top skin, Trailing-edge detail, Power coupling (x 2), Laser cannon support, and the Plant-on details (x 4)

In steps 1 – 5 you are going to need the Top skin and the Plant-on details. When doing this there isn’t really a specific order or direction they have to go in.  But D, A, and C go in a certain direction, the top of A goes toward the end of the wing, and the to of D or where the slits are go towards the inside of the wing, the red part of C goes in the red dash that is on the wing.

In step 6 you are going to need the piece just made and the Laser cannon support. When doing this the nub goes toward the inside of the wing and the pegs go into the holes obviously.

In steps 7 – 12 you are going to need the piece just made, and the Power couplings (x 2). When doing this there is one of the power couplings with one recess and the other 2 recesses. The one power coupling with one recess goes on the side with the diagonal edge and the other one on the opposite side.

In steps 13 – 15 you are going to need the piece just made and the Trailing-edge detail. When doing this you might want to use the back end of a screw driver so that the edge support is flush on the side of the wing.

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