In this issue you will be getting the Right and Left front undercarriage doors, Lower rear engine casing, Lower front engine casing, Cooling vane, Retro-thrust nozzle, Hinge retainers (x 2), Horizontal vane, Upper shroud, Gyro cone lower half, Gyro cone upper half, Hinge retainers (x 2), and XW06 screws (x 9).

In steps 1 – 3 you will need the Lower front engine casing and the Retro-thrust nozzle. When putting them together there is a slit on the thrust nozzle that lines up with some holes on the side of the engine casing.

In steps 4 – 12 you will need the Horizontal vane, Upper shroud, Cooling vane, Gyro cone lower half, and the Gyro cone upper. When putting these together, if you want a neat there is a certain side on the upper shroud that has the weird circles on one side and smooth on the other side, I you recommend that you have the smooth side on the gyro cone piece. The cooling vane is kinda difficult to get into the hole, and you also don’t want to snap it either.


In steps 1 – 3 you will need part of the wing built in previous issues and the piece just made. when doing this I used the next step first and then did it like that using the Lower front engine casing.

In steps 5 – 9 you will need the piece just made and the Front lower engine casing. After putting the Lower front engine casing on you need to turn it over then screw it into the wing.


In steps 1 – 4 you will need the Lower rear engine casing and the piece just made. When doing this there are pins in the bottom of the casing and those line up with holes in the piece just made. When screwing it in there is a tip that I would use, you should flip it upside down then it still has pressure applied for the screws.

In steps 5 – 12 you will need the piece just made and the Right and Left undercarriage doors. The doors have numbers on them and the hinge retainers have matching number to the doors.  The doors need a little push to get into the slits.

In steps 13 – 16 you will need the hinges and the piece just made. Personally I put the matching number with the matching door. When doing this I would be careful because there is a possibility of stripping the screws.

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