In this issue you will be getting the Fission Chamber Upper Half, Fission Chamber Mounting, Upper Engine Casing, and Plant-on details (x 9).

In steps 1 – 3 you will need the Fission chamber upper half, and the Fission chamber mounting. With this it is a little difficult to line this up since there are only 2 pegs and 2 holes, and the side with the funnel is the side the top of the chamber mounting goes toward.

In steps 4 and 5 you will need the piece just made and the Upper engine casing. When doing this there are pegs on the casing and there are two holes on the bottom of the fission chamber, the thinner side on the casing is where the wider size of the fission chamber goes.

In step 6 you will need the piece just made and the plant-on details. When doing this just make sure that you look at the chart closely.

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