In this issue you will be getting the Fission chamber upper half, Alluvial damper, Turbo generator body, Fission chamber mounting, Turbo generator rear cone, Hydraulic adjusters (x 2), Turbo impeller blades (x 2), and the Turbo impeller.

In steps 1 – 6 you will need the Hydraulic adjuster, and the piece from last issue, and the alluvial damper. When putting these together, the damper goes on the thinner side of the casing and the side with the grooves goes toward the inside. The hydraulic adjusters go on the opposite side and the bigger end of the adjusters goes away from the center.

In steps 7 – 9 you will need the Rear cone and the generator body. When putting them together there is a slit and there is the notch.

In steps 10 – 14 you will need the piece just made and the Turbo impeller and the blades. When doing this try not to break the notch on the blades or the impeller, and then put the turbo impeller together with the turbo generator.

In steps 15 – 16 you will need the piece just made and the Fission chamber upper half. When doing this the impeller goes toward the fission chamber and the thinner end goes toward the outside.

In step 17 you will need the piece just made and the fission chamber mounting. When pitting these together it is just like the last issue.


When you finish:

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