In this issue you will be getting the Lower engine casing, Thrust nozzle, Locking collar, Engine LED, Reflector, Lens, Thrust diffuser, and Plant-on Details.

In steps 1 – 7 you will need the Lower engine casing, and the Plant-on details. When doing this there are some pieces that are a little bit confusing, but you just have to look carefully at the steps and where the pieces are placed on the casing.

In steps 1 – 3 you will need the Lens and the Thrust diffuser. When putting these together there is a smaller hole on the lens that the diffuser has a peg that fits into that hole.

In steps 4 – 6 you will need the piece just made and the thrust nozzle. When putting them together there is a slit in the piece just made and a notch in the nozzle, so just line those up.

In steps 7 – 10 you will need Engine LED and the Reflector. For this you will need to make sure that you slowly turn the LED so that the pegs don’t come out of the LED.

In steps 11 – 20 you will need the piece just made, the piece from last issue, and the piece from 42, and the Lower engine casing. For this it is confusing with how the wire goes through the pieces. Also when putting the reflector in there is a slit on the casing and that is where it goes vertical.

In steps 21 and 22 you will need the thrust nozzle and the piece just made. When doing this there is a slit on the casing and a ridge on the thrust nozzle, make sure that it is firmly on there and flush.

In step 23 you will need the piece just made and the Locking collar. When doing this hold the casing together and the collar, the smaller end is where the collar goes and you want to make sure that the casing is together firmly.

In steps 24 and 25 you will need the piece just made and the battery box. This is mainly just a test to see if the LED works.

Final product looks like this:

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