In this issue you will be getting the Engine cover, Upper skin, Plant-on details (x 3), Cover plugs (on sprue), and Trailing-edge support.

In steps 1 – 7 you will need the Trailing-edge support and Plant-on details (x 3). When doing this on the 2 bigger details go together there is a pin and a hole on both pieces. Then the smaller one lines up with another spot on the support.

In step 8 you will need the piece just made and the piece from last issue. When doing this the is a spot next to the engine and it snaps on. And there is a slit on the piece you are going to put on and that is where the wire goes.

In steps 9 – 12 you will need the piece just made and the cover plugs, and the upper skin, and XW02 screws. When doing this the skin lines up with the wing and the cover plugs go where the screws go on the skin.

In steps 13 and 14 you will need the piece just made and the engine cover. When doing this the thinner side will go towards the back of the wing.

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Building the 1:18 scale Star Wars X-Wing from DeAgostini