In this issue you will be getting the Remote control back panel, Remote circuit board, control buttons, Remote control front panel, Battery terminal bridge, Battery cover, Battery terminals and wiring, X-Wing circuit board, and some XW03 screws (x 4).

In steps 1 – 8 you will need the Remote control front panel and the Battery terminal and wiring. When doing this step it says in the book that you can use the side of a screwdriver to push the terminal a little farther in so it is flush and isn’t popping out. You could also use a hard flat surface but I think the screwdriver is better to do this step.

In steps 9 – 12 you will need the piece just made and the Battery terminal bridge. When doing this step it is almost the exact same at the last step just no wiring and once again the screwdriver does help.

THE NEXT TWO IMAGES ARE NOT STEPS!! We got a couple of stickers from Stefan Meyer in Germany to add a little more color to the remote instead of a grey color, and they also have what the buttons do on the front. I really like how they have what the buttons do because then you don’t have to memorize them and they add color to the remote.

This is how it looks with the blue which is what we chose instead of the black, but you could do either one. Stefan has a installation page over on the Model Space Forums, but you need to register there to access it. These sticker can be purchased via

In step 13 you will need the piece just made and the Remote control circuit board. When you are doing this step it might be a little hard to push it in but that is only to make sure it stays. Also make sure that the pins and the holes on the connector are lined up correctly.

In steps 14 – 15 you will need the piece just made and the Control buttons. When doing this step it is fairly easy because there is no specific way it goes in so it is fairly easy to do.

In steps 16 – 18 you will need the piece just made and some XW03 screws. When doing this steps its a little tricky because the wire that to go underneath the board and it need to not poke up. So fold the wire to the width of the case and then just put it underneath the board near the battery area.

In steps 19 – 21 you will need the piece just made and a XW03 screw. When doing this step there is a lip on the front panel and there is a thing for the back panel that hooks on. Then after you do that just line up the holes for the screw and screw them together.

In steps 22 – 23 you will need the piece just made and the Battery cover. When doing this step it is like a TV remote. All you really have to do is just slide it into the slot.

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