In this issue you will be getting the Gearbox casing, Gearbox cover, Electric motor, Thin spindles (x 3), Thick spindle, Driving pinion, Reduction gears (x 6), Intermediate gear, Large drive gear, Motor mount, and some XW08 screws (x 6).

In steps 1 – 7 you will need the Gearbox casing, Thin spindles (x 3), and the Thick spindle. When doing these steps there is a thicker spindle then the rest and that goes in the bigger hole and the other three spindles go in the other 3 holes and the lower two will not be very secure but they stay.

In steps 8 – 13 you will need the piece just made and 2 reduction gears. When doing this step one goes on the bottom and one goes on top and the thinner part is pointing up. This just repeats over and over until you are out of reduction gears.

In steps 22 – 24 you will need the piece just made and the Intermediate gear. When doing this step the bigger part of the gear is on the bottom and the thinner part goes up. The only thing I have to say is to make sure that the gears line up because if the don’t it is annoying.

In steps 25 and 26 you will need the piece just made and the Large drive gear. When doing this it is like all of the other gears and the thinner part goes up and the bigger part goes down.

In steps 27 – 31 you will need the piece just made and some XW08 screws and the Gearbox cover. When doing this step you are gonna need a long screwdriver because the screw holes are pretty far from the surface.



In steps 1 – 5 you will need the Electric motor and the Driving pinion. When doing these steps I would use the table because the gear has to be flush with the pin and it does not want to get on the pin. Only thing is, just make sure you don’t break the pin.

In steps 6 and 7 you will need the piece just made and the one from earlier. When doing this step the only thing is to make sure the gears line up, there is no specific way the motor goes in.

In steps 8 – 11 You will need the piece just made, the Motor mount, and a XW08 screw. When doing this there isn’t much other than making sure they line up with each other.

2 thoughts on “ISSUE 68”

  1. In the coming issues you are going to be asked to test all the electronics in Issue 72 after you install the main circuit board. Do not do this and wait until issues 77. I doest work at all in Issue 72 but after calling DeAgoastini they said to wait until Issue 77. After knowing this everything worked fine when completing Issue 77. So do not get your self frustrated as I did thinking I messed up a $1200 model. Do not bother doing any of the electronic test in Issue 72 and wait until you receive later issues.

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