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1-50 Update!

This is what we have build so far through Issue 50! There is a lot of repeating ourselves as we build 4 nearly identical wings. I like when we get to build the cockpit section as it gives me a break. Overall, I really like how big and detailed the model is, but I wish we were not hiding so many details inside housings, never to be seen again. We are halfway through this build, I can’t wait until it is finished!


Free Gift #3

These are the book ends that arrive as the third free gift. They look different than they do in the promotional pictures because it looked like there would be a actual tiny model X-wing inside the block but instead it looks like a mirror block with printed images on the sides.


Hi! I am Mason. This is my first part works model, the “Star Wars BUILD YOUR OWN X-WING” by DeAgostini. The first four issues were very fun and I recommend this model for starters because it is very simple and nearly anyone can do it. One of my friends is doing the “Back To The Future Delorean” and he says it is a lot of fun too, but it is more complicated. If you aren’t very patient then, hehehe good luck. I suggest you purchase a precision tool set made by ORIA.